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4 Need To Know Tips for Thick Eyelashes

4 Need To Know Tips for Thick Eyelashes
23rd mars 2017 Caroline Jonsson
In Xlash

Did you know it’s easier to maintain long, full lashes than to care for your head of hair?  It’s simple to maintain long, beautiful lashes, even if you haven’t done the best job taking care of them so far. Your lashes are a product of how well you take care of them as well as what you put in your body. Many women become afraid when lashes fall off but this is completely normal. It’s completely normal for lashes to grow and shed.

1. Basic daily lash care

Thoroughly clean your lashes before you go to sleep each night. Using a soft sponge for this will help prevent tugging on the thin skin around the eye area. Using products that contain alcohol are very drying, causing lashes to be brittle. Opt for alcohol free products, this will be much more gentle on your lashes. To strengthen and lengthen your lashes, use a conditioning eyelash serum. Conditioning your lashes is a technique women have been using for ages and for good reason.

2. Understand lash growth cycles

Just like the rest of the hair on your body, lashes follow a natural three phase growth cycle; anagen, catagen, and telogen. The growth cycle of many women lasts for about three months. By lengthening the anagen phase, you lengthen the growth of your hair. Instead of getting the signal to fall out from the root, the lash remains attached and continues growing.

3. Makeup routine affects lash length

Consider eyelash care as a part of your hair care routine. Regular maintenance of your lashes keeps them full and healthy. When you take your makeup off at the end of the day, it’s important to be gentle to your eyes and lashes. Makeup clogs pores around the eyes and removing it gives your skin a chance to rest.


Remove mascara gently, as well as any other makeup. Remove clumps from your mascara while the mascara is still wet. Lightly comb through the lashes before they dry to prevent the clumpy look. You want thick lashes, so you apply two coats right? Just remember to resist the temptation to pump your mascara when applying it. This actually gives you the opposite effect of what you’re looking for, letting air in dries out the bottle. Instead, lightly brush transparent powder on your lashes before applying mascara to volumize your lashes.


However, with the right products in your beauty regimen, mascara is optional. If you choose to use an eyelash curler to make your eyes pop, remember not to pull on your lashes. Being rough with your eyelashes can make them thin and fragile. Healthy hair follicles are necessary for optimal growth, once it’s damaged, the follicle may no longer produce a lash. Taking care of your lashes also means taking care of the follicle.


4. Eating for beauty

There’s no doubt that vitamins and proteins cause hair growth. Eating the right beauty food helps support the growth of your eyelashes. Consider the benefits that consuming omega 3 fatty acids have on hair growth. Adding foods like yogurt, eggs, and beans into to your diet will also help you grow healthy lashes. Eat your fair share of foods rich in vitamin c and healthy fats from seeds & nuts.


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