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Different Types of Lash Serum

Different Types of Lash Serum
7th november 2017 Caroline Jonsson

For ages people have strived for beauty and perfection. However different concepts may appear in many cultures, they have one thing in common; real beauty and perfection are reflected in one’s eyes. Now, let’s be honest, we’ll never look for our reflection in the mirror with ugly or no frame. The same is with eyes, it is likely to look into or consider beautiful the ones that have thick and long eyelashes.

Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted with naturally beautiful lashes. But the good news is that today, with the help of lash serum, it is possible to have the glamorous eyelashes we have dreamed of all our lives.

Before choosing the right serum for your eyelashes, it is important to learn about different types and structures of eyelash serums.

According to the form, texture and method of using serums can be completely different: colored and transparent, creamy and gel, used alone or as a basis for mascara. In the latter variant, the function of the serum is not only medical, but also cosmetic, as it adds volume, highlights beautiful shape of lashes and makes them look longer.

There is also a great variety of serum formulas. Each manufacturer tries to produce a unique product that has no analogues by making the emphasis on the ingredients. Each formula is constantly updated and supplemented with new components using innovative technologies. The common “cast” of serum ingredients includes:

  • Amino acids
  • Extracts from different remedial plants, which are meant to restore the structure and make the eyelashes elastic.
  • Natural essential oils for eyelash nutrition and growth.
  • Biopeptides and polymers for making eyelashes smooth and shiny
  • Vitamin Complexes (E,A,B)
  • Antioxidants for providing protection from the negative influence of the external environment.
  • Extracts of seaweed that increase the restoring properties of cells.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes and increases the elasticity.


The list of components, however, is not restricted to this “cast”. There are other substances that make up the formula of the serum as well. In fact, these substances serve as the main difference between various types of serum. For example, the ones with components of animal origin are considered much less effective.

Serum for eyelashes is a medicine that requires an unavoidable contact with eyes, which are very sensitive to any harmful and irritating chemicals. Therefore, in order to make an effective purchase, it is necessary to thoroughly study the composition. In this respect, Xlash eyelash serum can be your best choice due to its natural components and easy-to-use form. Serum resembles ordinary water, since it does not contain coloring or flavoring chemicals. The product is sold in a tube like mascara, but inside is a thin and soft brush for applying the serum.

By offering the best quality Xlash provides a safe and natural way to enhance your glam and beauty.

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