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Why Natural Growth Serum is Good for Your Eyelashes

Why Natural Growth Serum is Good for Your Eyelashes
1st september 2017 Caroline Jonsson

Everyone wants to look beautiful, feel beautiful. Everyone wants to look perfect. But chemicals for the skin?

Artificial products may give you instant results. But on the long run, they tend to cause damage and side effects. They may have substances that are toxic to the body. They could contain substances that are carcinogenic even in traces. Instead of taking a risk with such chemicals, it is preferred that natural products be used. These are time tested and proven and have been around for ages.

Besides, all the artificial products no doubt give short term results. They give an illusion of longer lashes. But natural products on the other hand provide long term solutions and show the results over a period of time.

Some important ingredients that go into the natural eyelash growth serum are:

Castor oil: is an abundant source of omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and vitamins. This helps in activating the lash follicles which aid in lash growth.

Emu oil: This oil has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-wrinkle property. Lashes grow thick and strong.

Vitamin E oil: Helps in growth of thick lashes and strengthens follicles. It prevents breakage and split ends.

Almond oil: This contains vitamin E, mono saturated fatty acids and calcium. These are known promoters of hair and nail growth. Lashes grow thick and luscious. It also strengthens weak and damaged hair (keratin), moisturizes and prevent breakage and hair fall.

Coconut Oil: Is rich in nutrients and trace elements. It is known to have penetrating property and can reach right till the root tips where actually growth takes place.

Instead of using cosmetics all day long to give a thick, luscious and long look using a natural serum is way more healthy and safer.

It is really simple to use this natural eyelash growth serum. It can be preferably used at night. All you have to do is apply a thin coat of this serum on the lash line of both the eyelids. Over use of the serum can lead to irritation in the eyes due to flowing in. This has to be done in the absence of any make up on the skin. Leaving the natural eyelash growth serum on the skin overnight will help it penetrate into the follicles and stimulate the growth of eyelashes.

Following this regime everyday will give you good results from as early as the third day onwards. Repeat this process every night for positive results. In the morning, wash the serum off with a mild soap. Cleanse thoroughly.

You will see the full results anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks. Continuing to use the serum frequently will help you maintain your now beautiful eyelashes.


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