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Pros and Cons of Overusing the Eyelash Serum

Pros and Cons of Overusing the Eyelash Serum
6th oktober 2017 Caroline Jonsson

Throughout history, long, thick eyelashes have been associated with beauty and sensuality. They are one of the main focuses of most women’s makeup looks, as they can complement any kind of style, from the most elegant to the most flamboyant. There are a number of ways to enhance eyelashes when they are fine or short: most women decide to utilize traditional cosmetic products such as mascara, fake eyelashes or eyelash extensions. However, there is a new method for eyelash growth that has recently gained popularity: lash serum. The innovative product, which can be purchased over-the-counter, could be one of the best options to easily grow luxurious and natural eyelashes. Here are its pros and cons for you to decide whether it is for you or not.


  1. The application

Applying lash serum can be tricky, as lashes as so close to the eye, and some product might get in your tear duct or waterline, provoking a feeling of irritation similar to getting makeup or shampoo in your eyes.


  1. Finding the right product

There are many over-the-counter lash serums on the market, and just as many possible mistakes you might make; it is important to know what your main aims are before you make a purchase, as there might be a product that is just perfect for you.


  1. No more fake eyelashes

Once the serum has done its magic, everything you will need to enhance your beautiful new lashes is a light coat of mascara and a lash curler. The nightmare of fake lashes will finally come to an end!


  1. It is a time-saver

Spending money and time on lash extensions, glue and other products in order to achieve your ideal lash look can be tiring and frustrating. By using a lash serum, you will not only save your money, but plenty of time, too.


  1. Natural beauty

Finally being able to achieve your dream look naturally, without applying anything fake or extra to your face is an unprecedented feeling of satisfaction. Lash serum is the only product that will naturally make your eyelashes grow, without the need of long and uncomfortable lash extension appointments or any mess with glue and fake lashes.


  1. It is easier than it sounds

With the right cosmetic advice and application, the results will pay off. There are types of serums for all types of lashes and for different needs, you will definitely find the products that satisfies you!

  1. It works

It does. It is a fast and efficient product with no negative health implications that will give you beautiful and full eyelashes with little effort. After you’ve made sure that you know how to apply it and that you have purchased the right type of product for your ideal lash look, you will be surprised by how fast and exceptional the results are!

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