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Xlash Cosmetics: A New Revolution For The Lash Enhancement Industry

Xlash Cosmetics: A New Revolution For The Lash Enhancement Industry
6th juni 2017 Caroline Jonsson
In Xlash

Birth of Xlash Cosmetics

Xlash Cosmetics, with its ground breaking eyelash growth stimulating formula, is all set to transform our belief in the Eyelash Enhancement industry. Xlash was founded in Sweden in 2009, during a time when consumers had all but lost faith in the option of enhancing the growth of their own lashes with serums, solutions and vitamin enriched mascaras.

Born out of a passion for effective, natural eyelash growth solutions, sheer expertise and an indomitable dedication to quality, ethics and the well-being and satisfaction of their customers, Xlash Cosmetics has been transforming the lives and faces of 3.6 million satisfied customers who’ve agreed that this cost effective lash growth stimulator has become their last stop in lash cosmetics.

Long, strong and full eyelashes have been a quintessential symbol of femininity and the spirit of woman for thousands of years. It’s no wonder, therefore, that women will do everything they can do improve their natural lashes and hair follicles. This is why Xlash Cosmetics is committed to help women all over the world.

Why is Xlash Cosmetics revolutionary?

What makes Xlash Cosmetics so revolutionary its cumulative, healthy and effective impact on the lifespan, consistency and length of the natural eyelashes. It’s products targets not only the follicles but also the roots.

A group of 15 eyelash pioneers have come up with a cost-effective miracle product that is a legitimate alternative to synthetic, individual lash extensions which is manifested by it’s remarkable effectiveness. It is also the only answer to a lash line that’s been damaged by extensions, ineffective eyelash treatments and cash wasting, designer mascaras.

This groundbreaking eyelash enhancement serum has made waves throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, UK and US. It surely makes a lasting natural impact on lives of women who want nothing more than to be beautiful naturally. Unlike many of its competitor products, Xlash Eyelash Enhancer has undergone stringent clinical trials that have conclusively proven that it can stimulate, prolong and enhance the growth of eyelashes by 30-40% with just one nightly application within 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

Furthermore, there’s no question of costly maintenance for prolonged results. In fac, Xlash Lash Enhancer can last you as long from 3 to 6 months when applied accordingly. In Xlash, age old folk remedies and quality herbal solutions are optimized by the latest cosmetic technology to not only make eyelashes up to 40% longer but also 33% richer and 22% stronger!

The difference here is in the way it works. It extends the lifespan of existing and new lashes so that they get time to grow thicker, fuller and stronger while stimulating, nourishing and vitalizing the hair follicles for new growth. This in return will rectify prior eyelash damage and rejuvenate your lashline for posterity.

How the ingredients present in Xlash Cosmetics can help improve your eyelashes


It stimulates hair growth and enriches pigmentation, resulting in a visibly darkened lash that no longer cries out for a damaging, dark mascara.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

Its extract will stimulate new hair growth in follicles that have been stunted or dormant which will translate to fuller, richer growth than ever before.

Myristol Pentapeptide 17

It is proven to stimulate keratin production for strong lashes with an extended lifespan.

Xlash Cosmetics is continuously growing

Xlash Cosmetics has raised a loyal customer base. In fact, 92.4 % of its users reported that they have seen increase in the growth, strength, fullness and length of their lashes.

Knowing full well the effects of years of empty promises by other lash enhancement brands have left on its valued potential consumers, Xlash is proud and confident enough in its product that it even offers a full money back guarantee for clients who’re not 100% satisfied with the results they get. In addition, it customers from US and the UK can get free shipping.


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