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Xlash Cosmetics to take revolutionary eyelash serum product into Japanese market

Xlash Cosmetics to take revolutionary eyelash serum product into Japanese market
22nd april 2017 Caroline Jonsson
In Xlash

Xlash Cosmetics, an eyelash serum designer, producer, and manufacturer with a product that promises visible results through a safe and scientifically proven formula for individuals everywhere, this week excitedly announced after the considerable success in the Chinese and Singapore markets the past few years, they are now expanding their service area into Japanese markets.

Borne from a passion for providing women with a tangible, affordable way to feel confident about their lashes and beauty presentation, Xlash Cosmetics was created in the United Kingdom back in 2012 to provide a natural, sustainable path to achieve luscious lashes.

“The past few years have been absolutely incredible, garnering us a 92% satisfaction rate with customers in our European markets,” said Ryoko Preisig, General Manager Spokesperson at Xlash Cosmetics Japan. “Seeing that consumers in Europe love our product, we felt confident it was time to expand outward and into Asia. We are now filling a massive market gap in Asia, as many Asian women have a desire to lengthen their lashes, and we are ready to introduce it into the monstrous Japanese industry.” Xlash is also a established brand in China as well as in Singapore. The goal is to cover whole South East Asia within 2019.

Xlash Cosmetic eyelash serum is a safe and effective proven formula that naturally fortifies and lengthens lashes. This serum, comprised of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, is able to affect the cell renewal process in a positive way that speeds up growth. Additionally, the presence of the added nutrients helps strengthen each lash, creating a thicker, healthier spectacle.

“We attribute our product success to its simplicity and easy application process,” said Preisig. “It’s a product any woman can use on the go, and it provides a noticeable result through natural means. We are excited to see what this untapped Japanese beauty market has in store for us.”

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