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Xlash eyelash serums will make your wish come true

Xlash eyelash serums will make your wish come true
24th maj 2017 Caroline Jonsson
In Xlash

Longer and fuller eyelashes are desirable elements that can improve a youthful and beautiful face. Below is an explanation on how you can get longer eyelashes. 

For many years, people’s wish for long and thick eyelashes has been an important attribute to create a flirty and charming beauty ideal. The weight of being able to flutter your eyes like butterfly wings has been seen in movies, famous photos and even in comic book characters.

How the eyelashes grow

Unlike the hair on your heads, eyelashes have a long Telogen faze and a short Anagen faze.
The Telogen faze is a resting stage where the hair finally will fall off and the Anagen faze is the growth stage wherein the length of your eyelashes will be determined.

The quality of the eyelashes depends on how your body works and on the kind of products that you use around your eyes. For example, sickness and age can weaken your eyelashes lifecycle. The same goes for products that are applied around the lashes, for example fake eye lashes, removal agents and eyelash curlers.

Lastly, your eyelashes life cycle can be from 5 to 11 months so be careful not to damage your eyelashes since it will take at least 5 months before new eyelashes can start growing.

How to grow your eyelashes

The upper eyelash line consists of approximately 100-150 lashes, arranged in either two or three lines of hair follicles with the task of protecting the eye from dirt. You should be careful when gluing on fake eyelashes and when using dangerous removal. You can also try using a peptide based eyelash serum. Eyelash serums with peptides are developed to stimulate the eyelashes keratin which is responsible for growing the eyelashes. The same material is used in nail strengthening products.

Xlash eyelash serums

Xlash is developed to make your eyelashes grow naturally longer and fuller. Through Xlash eyelash serums, you can get longer and fuller eyelashes which will last over time. Xlash eyelash serums give your eyelashes enough strength through the help of natural ingredients. Myristoyl penapeptide17 is one of the most important ingredients that can increase the growth of your eyelashes.

Moreover, Xlash is a natural alternative for people that want longer, fuller and stronger lashes. Apply Xlash on the eyelashes and you will notice a big change in just a few weeks.

Dermatological tests show that 80% of Xlash users experience longer eyelashes and an increase in strength and sustainability within 6 weeks.

If you want to get longer eyelashes, stop hesitating and try Xlash eyelash serums now. Your wish of getting longer eyelashes will surely come true!


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